Preparing For A Male Stripper


Preparing for a stripper can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few things to ease your mind and prepare you for the show!

First thing’s first

At Men of Dreams your male stripper will always contact you on the day in advance. You’ll receive a message or a call a few hours before the scheduled start time just to confirm all details and so you can ask questions, if any, on the night. You’ll also have his number after this and if you need to let your stripper know anything, feel free to send a quick text or give him a quick call. We’re here to make your night easier.

“Will my male stripper bring his own music?”

One of the most asked questions we get. The answer is YES! Our male strippers have pre-made music with a number of songs involved, they’ll also bring their own portable speaker so you don’t need to worry about a sound system either.

“What do I need to have ready for my show?” 

The only thing you’ll need to have is a chair with no arms for the hen/birthday girl/special guest (kitchen chairs are usually best). As well as a few seats for the other guests to sit around and a medium sized space for a towel to be laid down. If you’ve only got a small space for the show to happen in, don’t worry, just let your stripper know beforehand and he’ll tailor his show accordingly.

“Will my male stripper come dressed in uniform”

You know the fantasy. The police knock on the door responding to a noise complaint, walk in, silence the group and arrest the hen. Unfortunately, this only happens in movies. More often than not, the front of your house/apartment is in public, our guys use replica costumes which are only allowed to be worn inside private property. What you can expect though, is, you sneaking your guy inside, him getting changed, then running into the room with police sirens or firefighter sirens coming from his speaker, him jumping straight into the action, searching the hen for any “deadly weapons” and kickstarting his show. The best way to prepare for this is to not stress, and let your guy do what he does best!

“Will my male stripper go fully nude?”

As always, you have the choice of a full or partial strip show. A full strip show bares it all and a partial strip will mean that your guy can either, get fully nude but leave certain bits to the imagination, or just get down to underwear. Don’t worry, both types of shows go for the same length and are both just as fun as each other.

“How do I pay?”

This is an easy one. When booking a male stripper, you’ll pay a small deposit via EFT or credit card. The rest is payable on the night in cash. Please have this ready to give to your guy on arrival.

“Will my male stripper arrive on time?”

When booking, times are approximate, but your guy will do his best to get there on time, and if he’s running a bit late at all due to traffic, he will make sure he lets you know via text or call. Most of the time though, your guy will arrive early to have time to change and prepare.

A final note

Don’t stress if you’ve never had a stripper before, our guys are all very professional and experienced. They’ll always have everything ready to go and can tailor the show to whichever level you’re after. From more tamer entertaining shows, to really raunchy, you just let your guy know and he’ll look after the rest.

Here’s A Preview Of A Men Of Dreams Stripper