Leo Police Stripper

The name says it all. Stepping straight off the Cirque Du Soleil stage and into your heart. Leo is our most talented performer, being a professional acrobat and skilled in pyrotechnics. Leo can also be booked for fire performances and silk shows. What better than someone who can play with fire? A guy that can also dress as a fireman and put out that fire…Leo is also one of the stars in our male strip show. He’s used to performing for very large crowds and is definitely not shy. Leo’s main costumes are police and ninja…yes that’s right. We did say ninja.


What To Expect

When you hire a Melbourne topless waiter or stripper from Men of Dreams here’s a little about what you can expect. Your waiter/stripper will arrive and give you a call to let you know he’s outside. Then he will need somewhere to keep his bag and get in uniform (or out of uniform)… Once that’s done he will then be able to start the party. A good way to start off is by showing your topless waiter where the drinks are as well as giving him a rough idea on how you expected the night to be. After that, you can relax and let your waiter take over and watch the party vibe jump. For strippers, once he’s changed he will jump straight into his show. Or if you’re a more tame group, you can have your waiter in the background serving drinks whilst you host your evening. Either way, a guy from Men of Dreams will always be that cherry on top of the cake to top off a memorable night. Any questions, ask us or ask your waiter. They’re always friendly and willing to help out.

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