Inked Up Stripper

If you’re into a tall, tatted up bad boy, Kallym is definitely the one you need. Kallym is 6 foot 3, fully inked up from his neck down, and has that extreme bad boy look. He can arrest your bride, and be the bad cop or have him take charge as an army sergeant. This male stripper is one you’ll definitely want to see get it all off.


Private Male Strippers

Did you know the average male strip show goes for 15 minutes? When booking a guy from Men of Dreams your guy will not only strip for the group. He will also stay for photos, and make sure the guest of honour is well looked after. On the occasion that your male stripper is running late, don’t stress. Our guys will always keep you updated on traffic conditions and time of arrival. Since the start of Men of Dreams we’ve trained our guys to be the best of the best. That means you’ll always receive outstanding service, polite guys and the best strip shows. Kallym, in particular, is one of our newest guys. Which means, he’s always wanting to prove he has what it takes to be part of our family. This ensures top quality when delivering shows. Kallym is also a topless waiter so if you’ve loved his show that much. Don’t be scared to ask if he can waiter too.  If you ever have any questions when booking a guy, don’t be afraid to ask. We can answer any questions needed.

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