Male Strippers & Topless Waiters in Melton

Melton being a very popular location for birthday bookings. We generally have 1 or 2 guys out in Melton every weekend so if you’re after a specific guy make sure you get in early, especially for Jax or Zac. We tend to see a lot of bookings that have one guy that will strip and waiter also to save on travel fees. For one guy to strip and waiter prices start at just $465 and can be higher for more hours waitering.

Private Male Strip Shows In Melton


Arrange an entertaining private male strip show at your home or venue in Melton by getting your Men of Dreams on board. Men of Dreams offers some of the most talented male strippers for private parties in Melton. With years of experience in the art of stripping, our professional male strippers provide the best stripping experience for ladies – no matter where they are located!

Private Topless Waiters In Melton


Celebrate your occasion with the sculpted bodies and seductive moves of our topless waiters at your place – pool, hotel or home in Melton. As seriously attractive entertainers, our topless waiters are professionals that offer you all the personalized attention to you would dream of from a chiselled male. If you can’t come to our stage show in Melbourne – no worries, just book our topless waiters for a private party at your own place and create your own night to remember!



Light brown hair, dark tan, big arms! Alex definitely has the looks and the confidence to spice up any party. Ladies meet Alex, your next stripper or topless waiter!


Our All Aussie hunk Kam. He’s extremely muscular, friendly and has a strikingly chiseled jawline. Meet our hot hunk Cam!


James, our ex-army soldier is not only a topless waiter, he is also a stripper. With a strikingly big physique and confidence that can shake a room, James knows how to handle the big guns.

Hens Night & Birthday PartiesIn Melton

Kick off your bachelorette party, hens’ night, or birthday party with some laughs with our male strippers and be served by some of the hottest male topless waiters in Victoria. Our male strippers and topless waiters are professional to the highest level and provide services based on your preference. Be sure to plan some games so your topless waiter can host and play the games with the girls. The most important part of any night out is that everyone’s having fun, including you! That’s what our topless waiters are there for.

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