Guide to male strip shows


By Men of Dreams | December 2019

Male strip clubs and male strip shows are mysterious places for women (and men) who’ve never been before. The biggest confusion is that female strippers and male strippers are the same type of thing. A male strip show is more towards the entertainment side of things (depending on which place you go). Generally at female strip clubs you’ll have girls walking around asking you if you would like a lap dance. Male strip shows are an actual show, kinda like the way a musical would be structured.


When coming to Men of Dreams or any other male strip show you should be expecting an actual show, similar to the set up of a theatre show as mentioned above. Old school strip shows are a thing of the past, any good male strip show in 2020 onwards should have talented performers on their stage. They should be entertaining, sexy, fun, have some laughs and an all round great girls night out. There should be some topless waiters roaming the room before and during the show. A good topless waiter will come up and introduce themselves before the show starts. As for the show itself, you should be expecting a journey from start to finish, and a number of group routines throughout that’ll carry you through the night. Generally at any male strip show in Melbourne, doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 8pm, afterparty from 10pm.


Now with male strippers, as mentioned above, it’s all about the show. You’ll have an MC that is fun and engaging and can really get the party started. This is key to a good male strip show. Then the MC will introduce guys and acts on the stage and if he’s done his job correctly you should be eager to see what’s up next. The content of the show is one of our secrets, you’ll have to see it to believe it, because trust us, it’s definitely not what you’re expecting.


At any male strip show, everything should be all about the girls in the room. Meaning, you and your group! We’re here to cater to your needs on having a great night out. From the beginning of the to the end of the show and then even into the after party, the guys are always welcoming and happy to assist you in any way if needed. Our job is to create the ultimate party atmosphere so each and every person in the room has the time of their life.


So the question is, should you go to strippers for a hens? If you’re after an unforgettable night of laughs, excitement, drinks, the ultimate party vibe and don’t mind seeing some talented naked men. Then yes, the strippers is for you. If you’re wanting something more chilled, don’t forget, you can always spice up your night by hiring a male stripper or topless waiter to come to you!

How To Plan A Hens Night

How To Plan A Hens Night


Written by Sophie

So, your besties big day is soon approaching, and you’ve been granted the honour of planning the hen’s night! But unless you’re a serial bridesmaid like Jane in 27 Dresses, chances are this is the first bachelorette party you’re planning…

27 Dresses maid of honour

But this isn’t your day yet…back to the task at hand!

Planning your friend’s hens party can be a huge task; you want to make sure both the bride-to-be, and all of her chosen guests, have an amazing and unforgettable day and night. Plus, you want it to be an event you and all of your friends are still talking about for years to come!

We’ve put together this simple hen’s night planning checklist to ensure the event runs smoothly, it and is one you can enjoy too!

Night of fun
Step 1: Speak to the bride

You’ll most likely want to keep the details of the event a surprise, but it’s important to first ask her a few questions such as:

Where do you want the event to be?

Some may want to keep it local, whereas others may be dreaming of a getaway!

How long does she want the event to be?

She may be happy with an afternoon and night event, or perhaps she’s always wanted a full weekend long hens!

Does she have an idea about the budget?

This is something you will need to finalise with the other bridesmaids, however, it always helps to get a rough idea of what the bride-to-be has in mind, and also as she will know what is suitable for her guests. The first two questions will also be important in working out the budget.

When does she want the event to be?

There’s always a lot going on in the lead up to a wedding, so ideally speak to her about which dates work best for her within the whole wedding schedule.

Are there any definite nos?

Ultimately the planning is up to you, but you want to make sure it’s something she’s going to remember for the right reasons!

Female fight club
Step 2: Guest List

Once you’ve got an idea of what the bride-to-be wants, the next step is to get a list about who she wants to invite. This will also give you an initial idea of who is coming and how to plan accordingly.

For example, if there’s a lot of family coming you may want to consider splitting the event up into day and night activities; Grandma might not be the biggest fan of our men (though again, she might be!)

Next, you’ll want to plan with the bride when she wants to host the event, and if she has any general preferences and after this step – it’s up to you!

Now that you’ve got a guest list and date worked out you can start sending out save the date info. Make sure you also get emails and contact phone numbers, otherwise we also recommend setting up a group chat so you can easily keep everyone updated with budgets and planning.

Step 3: Working out a budget

People can be unclear on who pays for a bachelorette party, but this is usually one part of the wedding events which is paid for by the guests.

Generally, all of the guests pay a set amount per head, and the bridesmaids may opt to pay more too.

For the budget, remember to factor in costs such as:

  • Activities for the day
  • Drinks and food
  • Location, venue high or club entry
  • Transportation costs
  • Decorations and any extras such as items needed such as game prizes, sashes, party bags (we may be technically adults, but who doesn’t love a party bag?!) and balloons
  • Last, but definitely not least, strippers or topless waiters

You may also wish to have different cost options for those who may only be attending for the day (if you are splitting the event) or also for those who don’t drink.

Step 4: Choose a location and activity

This is where your expertise and knowledge of your bestie is really called upon! Time to work out some epic hens night ideas!

As you’ve already spoken to her about her general thoughts you should have a good idea of what to plan, but also ask yourself: What does she like? What sort of night would she honestly want? Is she more of the classy hens kind of bride to be, does she want a simple good old fashioned night out or is she more of the staying in kind?

Often, hens nights have more than one location, so consider where everyone will be meeting first – do you have someone’s home you can use, or would it be easier to book a hotel room? If you’re planning a night out, we also recommend booking a hotel room which both the hen and bridesmaid can all stay in together when the night is finally over!

Once you’ve got an idea, make sure you book in your locations and events asap so you can ensure they are locked in!

Step 5: Choosing a theme and games

Not every hen’s party needs a theme, but we think it definitely helps to make the night more unique and memorable! Once you’ve worked out the main location and activities, you can easily choose a theme which matches both the event and the bride to be.

Check out our list of Top 5 Hens Party games here and also our Pin the Junk on the Hunk printouts (they’re FREE so more money for drinks!)

Step 6: Factor in food

If you’re going to be drinking, which let’s face it – you are, then you definitely need to factor in some food! You want the night to be memorable for sure, but not because one of the guests (and definitely not the guest of honour) threw up on herself and then passed out by 5pm.

If you’ve picked a theme for the event then plan out some ideas which also tie into the theme (Pinterest is your best friend here!)

Passed out bride
Step 7: The Entertainment

We’d like to think that this is the most important step in the hens party planning process, and we doubt many ladies would argue with us! And yes, by entertainment, we’re talking about our men!

Choosing a male stripper is most likely the first thing which came to your mind when you were asked to plan the hens night (we know it is…don’t lie), and even if she included strippers in her list of “no’s” we’ve also got great topless waiter options which we’re sure she’ll love!

link to strippers page

link to this page

Step 8: Sending Out Formal Invites

Once you’ve got all of the basics decided upon, booked in, locked and loaded, you can send out the formal invite to the guest list. If you’re the creative type (or even if you’re not) we love Canva for creating awesome invites.

Don’t forget to include details such as:

  • Date & time (as well as duration)
  • Location of where to meet
  • Activity details (but remember to tell them to keep it a secret)
  • Cost (and when and how they need to pay)
  • Anything they need to bring to the event (such as a change of clothes for the evening)
Step 9: Finalising the event

Now that the event is planned, the invites are sent and you’ve got the funds ready to go, the last step is bringing it all together.

Make a checklist of everything you need to buy (decorations, food, drinks, anything you need for the games etc) and make sure you’ve got everything organised and bought prior to the day. Leading up to the event check in with your bookings to make sure everything is finalised and then it’s time to relax and make some memories!

If you want help in planning a Hen’s Night in Melbourne we’re more than happy to help – after all, it is our speciality! Feel free to call us or contact us with any questions or queries you may have. Otherwise, we hope to see you soon!

Author: Sophie

Sophie is a Melbourne based beauty and lifestyle blogger who LOVES to plan a party!

Website: www.thebeautifulexistence.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thebeautifulexistence

Top 10 Hens Night Cocktails

Top 10 Hens Night Cocktails


The best hens nights are the ones where everything runs smoothly. This part of the night always gets overlooked. A great, easy to make cocktail goes a long way at a hens night. If you’ve got great hens night ideas but just need a headstart when it comes to beverages, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best and easiest cocktails for your hens night.

Pink Fairy Floss
  1. Served in a champagne glass
  2. 1 shot of vodka
  3. 1 shot of grapefruit juice
  4. Mix with lemonade
  5. Place a small amount of fairy floss across top of glass
  6. Then drop fairy floss in glass
Sparkling Strawberry
  1. Served in a tall or short glass
  2. Purée strawberries with 1 teaspoon of icing sugar
  3. Quarter of glass filled with ice
  4. 1 table spoon of purée strawberries
  5. 1 shot of vodka or rum
  6. Fresh lime juice
  7. And crushed mint leaves
  8. Mixed with lemonade
Passionfruit & Lime Cooler
  1. Served in a tall or short glass
  2. Quarter of glass filled with ice
  3. 1 shot of vodka or rum
  4. 1 tablespoon of passion fruit
  5. 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
  6. Fresh lime juice
  7. Mix with lemonade or soda water
Watermelon Mojitos
  1. Served in a tall or short glass
  2. Quarter of glass filled with ice
  3. 1 shot of vodka or rum
  4. 1 table spoon of crushed watermelon
  5. Squeeze fresh lime juice
  6. Fresh mint leaves crushed
  7. Mix with lemonade
Peach Bellini
  1. Served in a champagne glass
  2. 1 table spoon of peach purée
  3. A dash of lemon juice
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with Prosecco or any champagne
Lime Spritz
  1. Served in a tall or short glass
  2. Quarter of glass filled with ice
  3. 1 shot of lime juice
  4. Fresh slices of lime
  5. Mix with Prosecco or any sparkling wine
Classic Cosmo
  1. Served in a martini glass
  2. Shaker half filled with ice
  3. 1 shot of vodka
  4. 1/2 shot of Cointreau
  5. Fill shaker with cranberry juice
  6. Shake for 2mins
  7. Pour in martini glass
  8. 1 slice of lime on side of glass
Whisky Sours
  1. Served in a martini glass
  2. Fill shaker halfway with ice
  3. 1 shot of whiskey
  4. 1 shot of lemon juice
  5. 1 teaspoon of caster sugar
  6. 1 egg white
  7. (Shake for 2 mins)
  8. Pour in martini glass
Pineapple Mojitos
  1. Served in a tall or short glass
  2. Quarter of the glass filled with ice
  3. 1 shot of vodka or rum
  4. 1 table spoon of Pineapple chunks
  5. Lime juice
  6. Crushed mint leaves
  7. Mix with lemonade
Blueberry Mojito
  1. Served in tall or short glass
  2. Quarter of the glass filled with ice
  3. 1 shot of vodka or rum
  4. Squeeze fresh lemon and lime juice
  5. 1 teaspoon of fresh blueberries
  6. Fresh mint leaves crushed
  7. Mix with lemonade or soda water
Top 5 Hens Party Games

Top 5 Hens Party Games


Every hens party is in need of a few classic hens party games. After all, what would a hens party be without some funny and embarrassing hens party games to get the bride prepared for her big day? Throw in a few beverages, a topless waiter, and a male stripper in Melbourne’s luxurious venues and you’ve got yourself one hell of a night. Here we bring to you the top 7 hens party games we’ve seen being played and been involved in at our hens parties.


One of the most commonly played games you’ll find. This one is as easy as it sounds. Start by getting a poster made of your favourite hunky celeb or printing off one of our hunky Men of Dreams guys (you can get them here) and have this stuck up on a wall. Next, you can purchase “junk” stickers from your local party store or have the girls draw and cut out their own. Add some double-sided tape onto the back and the games ready to be played. Line each girl up in front of the poster. Blindfold the first person, spin her 3 times, then have her do her best to pin the junk on the hunk. To make the game harder, enforce a one-touch rule, meaning the girls don’t get to touch the poster more than once before having to pin.

Tip: If you’ve hired a Men of Dreams topless waiter, don’t be afraid to either stick the poster on him or just use him as a live model for your game.


A little bit of preparation is required for this one. What you’ll need to do is come up with a list of questions to ask the groom. Your questions should be based on the bride and experiences between the bride and groom (if you can’t think of questions, we have a list below). Once you’ve got your list ready, you wanna read these questions to the bride and either write down his answers or record him answering the questions with your phone camera. Next step is to have everyone sitting around the bride, while you read out all these questions. The aim of the game is for her to answer each question as if she was the groom. To make it extra fun, for every question she gets right, let her nominate someone to have a shot. For every question she gets wrong, get her to have a shot. This will definitely test how well she knows the person she’s marrying.

Tip: Fill the hens shot glasses only half full of alcohol and the rest water to avoid her getting too drunk in the early parts of the night. To make it even more fun, have the shots done as a BODY SHOT!

Hens Night Questions for the Groom

A little like beer pong but the classier version. We know most hens groups aren’t drinking beer on their hens night, it’s more of a champagne, wine or cocktail kinda day. Choose your favourite drink, fill up some cups, and line them up bowling pin style on each side of the table. Grab yourself a ping pong ball and split into teams. Take turns trying to throw the ping pong ball into the other teams cups. For every one you land, the other team has to drink that cup. First team to get the ball inside every cup on the other side of the table, wins!

Tip: To make this a bit more fun. If you’ve hired a Men of Dreams topless waiter, and have a sturdy table, have the waiter lay down on the table. Then place the cups around his body…and maybe some on his body.


You might be thinking, what the….but trust us, this is a very common game and actually is a lot of fun! Firstly, you’d wanna play this game a little later on in the evening where your hens party has had quite a few drinks. Very simple rules, set up two teams. Each team gets 5 or 10 toilet paper rolls each. Then they have a time limit to build a wedding dress on their chosen model or “bride”. The hen can either join in or be the judge. Once the time is up, have one person from each group explain their creation and have the model do the famous catwalk. The judging team should be based on creativity, presentation, durability whilst walking and lastly, if it actually looks like a wedding dress.

Tip: Prepare a prize full of hens party goodies for the winning team to spice things up and bring a bit of competition between the groups. To make the night even funnier, why not use one of our topless waiters as the model?


This is a good one for breaking the ice and getting your hens group all involved and knowing a bit about each other. First, have everyone write down a memory that they have shared with the bride on a bit of paper. Encourage the group to make this memory as exciting or as tough as they like. The aim for each memory is to have a very significant moment that the friend and bride have shared together or the way they met. Once they’re all done, have one of the bridesmaids read out each memory one by one to the group. The hen will then have to guess who wrote down the memory.

Tip: Add alcohol to the mixture, every wrong answer, the bride has to take a shot (or half a shot) and every right answer, the person who wrote down the memory has to take a shot. Make it more fun and make them body shots!

What A Topless Waiter Can Do

What A Topless Waiter Can Do


First time booking a topless waiter? Or, just wondering what the topless waiters can do at your event? Here’s a list of things they’re capable of and how they can assist you with your hens night!

  • Preparing and serving food
  • Preparing and serving drinks
  • Cocktail making (please provide the recipes)
  • Take photos with and, of your group
  • Host party games like pin the junk on the hunk etc.
  • Help with cleaning and tidying the room
  • Assist in setting up the room for a strip show
  • Body shots
  • Play pin the junk on the hunk but using your topless waiter as the model
  • Lap dance for the bride
  • Reverse lap dance game and have your waiter choose who gives the best lap dance out of the girls
  • Play the blindfold sticker game where all the girls stick a small sticker on the topless waiter and your guest of honour must find them with her hand or lips blindfolded
  • Body shots but using jello shots instead
  • Take photos in funny and cheeky positions

How To Do A Body Shot… With Your Topless waiter

Step 1: Lick

You’ll wanna have poured a little bit of salt on the top of your hand in-between your thumb and forefinger. Then after getting yourself ready to start the quick 3 step shot. Lick it up! A handy tip when you have a topless waiter, this can most certainly be done on your Men of Dreams topless waiters neck or anywhere else you’d like!

Step 2: Sip

Pour a shot of tequila, then place the shot glass on your waiters abs or belt buckle (be careful not to make him laugh). Or for the adventurous girls, pour the shot onto your topless waiters abs! Then sip that shot right up!

Step 3: Suck

Now place your lemon in between the topless waiters’ lips. The aim of the game is to grab the lemon out of his mouth with no hands, oh and don’t be afraid to get a little lip in there too. Once you’ve grabbed the lemon, suck it up to finish off the shot!

Preparing For A Male Stripper

Preparing For A Male Stripper


Preparing for a stripper can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few things to ease your mind and prepare you for the show!

First thing’s first

At Men of Dreams your male stripper will always contact you on the day in advance. You’ll receive a message or a call a few hours before the scheduled start time just to confirm all details and so you can ask questions, if any, on the night. You’ll also have his number after this and if you need to let your stripper know anything, feel free to send a quick text or give him a quick call. We’re here to make your night easier.

“Will my male stripper bring his own music?”

One of the most asked questions we get. The answer is YES! Our male strippers have pre-made music with a number of songs involved, they’ll also bring their own portable speaker so you don’t need to worry about a sound system either.

“What do I need to have ready for my show?” 

The only thing you’ll need to have is a chair with no arms for the hen/birthday girl/special guest (kitchen chairs are usually best). As well as a few seats for the other guests to sit around and a medium sized space for a towel to be laid down. If you’ve only got a small space for the show to happen in, don’t worry, just let your stripper know beforehand and he’ll tailor his show accordingly.

“Will my male stripper come dressed in uniform”

You know the fantasy. The police knock on the door responding to a noise complaint, walk in, silence the group and arrest the hen. Unfortunately, this only happens in movies. More often than not, the front of your house/apartment is in public, our guys use replica costumes which are only allowed to be worn inside private property. What you can expect though, is, you sneaking your guy inside, him getting changed, then running into the room with police sirens or firefighter sirens coming from his speaker, him jumping straight into the action, searching the hen for any “deadly weapons” and kickstarting his show. The best way to prepare for this is to not stress, and let your guy do what he does best!

“Will my male stripper go fully nude?”

As always, you have the choice of a full or partial strip show. A full strip show bares it all and a partial strip will mean that your guy can either, get fully nude but leave certain bits to the imagination, or just get down to underwear. Don’t worry, both types of shows go for the same length and are both just as fun as each other.

“How do I pay?”

This is an easy one. When booking a male stripper, you’ll pay a small deposit via EFT or credit card. The rest is payable on the night in cash. Please have this ready to give to your guy on arrival.

“Will my male stripper arrive on time?”

When booking, times are approximate, but your guy will do his best to get there on time, and if he’s running a bit late at all due to traffic, he will make sure he lets you know via text or call. Most of the time though, your guy will arrive early to have time to change and prepare.

A final note

Don’t stress if you’ve never had a stripper before, our guys are all very professional and experienced. They’ll always have everything ready to go and can tailor the show to whichever level you’re after. From more tamer entertaining shows, to really raunchy, you just let your guy know and he’ll look after the rest.

Here’s A Preview Of A Men Of Dreams Stripper

Pin The Junk On The Hunk

Pin The Junk On The Hunk


Pin The Junk On The Hunk - Leo-min
Pin The Junk On The Hunk - Zain-min
Pin The Junk On The Hunk - Zac-min
Pin The Junk On The Hunk - Justin-min

Have your group of guests all play a game of drawing their best "junk" on a sticky pad, or to make it easier, visit your local party store and grab some funny stickers for the game.

Next, you'll stick the poster of your favourite Men of Dreams onto a wall (or your topless waiter if you've hired one).

Line all the guests up, with the hen going first of course. Have one of the bridesmaids blindfold, then spin her around three times and point her in the direction of the poster.

Now let her pin the junk on her hunk! Closest one wins!

Girls Night Planning

Girls Night Planning


Written by Stacey Eseta

So you’re the maid of honour…or you’re the best friend and you’ve got her birthday coming up…or you just wanna have one epic girls night! Either way, I’m gonna show you step by step the way to host the BEST girls night ever in 2018.

First things first…

Alright, so the first thing every girls night needs is a group chat. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or an iMessage group chat, you’re gonna need somewhere to be able to speak to everyone easily. We say the best way is usually a Facebook group chat because let’s be honest here. Everyone has Facebook.

Keep calm it's ladies night
Deciding on your budget…

Now that you’ve created the group chat with your squad, it’s time to decide and get the hardest part of the night, out of the way. Deciding on the budget. This can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Here’s the easiest way…

Decide on your budget for entry to any clubs, bars or locations. Let’s start with say $40.

Next, decide on your budget for food if your group is gonna wanna eat beforehand. We’ll go with $25 for this one, which I’d say is more than enough for any meals I eat on a night out.

Okay, the most crucial part here. Costs of getting to your destination and back home. From personal experience, I’d say the best way is to always split an uber or a maxi cab. Now you might be thinking, “oh but one of us will just drive us all”. Here’s the problem with that; there’s always gonna be that one sober person who is playing “Mum”. She’s most likely going to want to drink also and if she does, she’s gonna have to leave her car somewhere overnight. Also, not to mention, you’ll have to catch an uber or a taxi back at this point anyway. So take it from me, maxi cab it in and out, it’ll cost roughly $10-$20 per person depending on group size.

Now to the last and most enjoyable part. The drinks! If you’re like me and you’re a big drinker, here’s what I’ve found that works best. Have your girls all chip in for a bottle of vodka and a few mixers for pre-drinks before your choice of transport in comes. Next, either decide on how much you wanna spend throughout the night or buy a drink package/set up a tab with a limit.

Packages are generally the best way to avoid any extra costs on the night. Plus, most places these days have an unlimited drinks package which for me saves me a whole heap of money. They’ll generally start at $50 for basic drinks.

So the hard part is now out the way. Based on the above situations, a full girls night will cost approximately $125. That might sound like more than you usually budget on a night out. But what happens the next day usually when you check your bank account? That $50 budget for the night went out the window, didn’t it. Not to mention, that includes from the time you start pre-drinking, all the way to your outing location, and then back home for those drunk cab rides home.

Deciding on where to go…

This step is a lot easier than people think. There are 3 different types of places to choose from here in Melbourne.

Bars and food bars – usually somewhere you’d go for a quieter night where you just wanna hang with your girls and have a really chilled night. A few places I like are The Den, Abbey Road and Little Red Pocket.

Nightclubs – Luckily for us girls clubs are some of the easiest places to go. Your night at a club depends on how much you drink, the more, the better I say. A few nightclubs I like are Flamingo, Panda, Billboard Saturdays and Ms. Collins.

Strippers – No, I’m not talking about female strippers. I’m talking about male strippers. If you’re like me and never actually knew these places existed here in the real world, well you’re in for a treat. I’ve been to a couple of these male strip shows, and I can say by far I’ve had one of the best nights ever at a place called Men of Dreams. Not only, do you get to see some seriously hot men dancing and getting their kits off. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised as it was the opposite of what I thought a male strip club would be. This place had a really massive stage and lights and screens and the guys would run in and out changing costumes super quickly (apart from when they got undressed) and actually put on a show. My favourite was this cool Grease act where the guys all came out dressed as the T Birds. Anyways, back to the story. The best thing about it is, 95% of people in the room are women and the other 5% are smoking hot men. That means, no creeps trying to get your number, in fact I think I could’ve been called the creep a few times trying to get some numbers. Safe to say it didn’t work haha. However!! This by far was my favourite option. I’ve found that entry starts as cheap as $40 and usually comes with a drink card or two. But also, you get to watch the show and if you’re lucky, get to get up on stage with one of the hunks. On top of that, I also got free entry into an afterparty where I got to see the guys and get photos with them (yes I made the most of it and had to touch some abs).

My recommendation for an amazing girls night would definitely be the strippers but it just depends on what kind of night you’re wanting to have. The strippers option, would DEFINITELY be a “not so quiet night” and by that I mean you’ll have no voice the next day from screaming and cheering so loud.

Bringing the plan to life…

This is the easiest part. Putting the plan to life! All you’ve gotta do now, is take all the above planning and go and do it. Or you can scrap it all and just head to the strippers and see where the night takes you…haha just kidding.

But in all seriousness, Men of Dreams even have options to package all this up for you so they set up your food, transport, tickets and drinks. Safe bet if you ask me. Regardless, at this point, you’ve decided where to go now, decided on your budget, got your group chat going if anyone gets lost. Now’s the time to go out, let your hair down, and have some fun.

The last few tips I have for you are…

Go as a group and come back as a group. Always keep some cash on you for a cab ride home, in case you umm…get lost… AND don’t forget to charge your damn phone!

Now go out and party like it’s 2018…oh wait, it is.

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